SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

  • An SEO Certification equips you with the knowledge of how search engines, especially Google, work. This knowledge translates into practical skills for careers in digital marketing, advertising, and even online content creation.

30,000 PKR (Installment Options Available)             Duration : 3 Months


The SEO Certification dives deep into the inner workings of search engines, particularly Google’s algorithm. This knowledge empowers you to excel in various digital fields:

Digital Advertising & Marketing: Craft winning SEO strategies to elevate your campaigns and drive targeted traffic. 

Framework vs. Fixed Methods: Instead of rote memorization, the focus is on building a solid foundation in search engine fundamentals. This empowers you to adapt, innovate, and outperform competitors.

Technical SEO Mastery: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how search engines crawl, index, and interpret websites. You’ll learn to implement technical aspects like schema markup and optimize for international audiences.

Link Building Strategies: Uncover the power of links in search engine ranking. Explore various link-building tactics, tools, and best practices to establish authority and credibility.


  • Basic IT Skills, and Passion 

Minimum Education should be Intermediate/A/O-Levels



  •  Conduct On-Page SEO best practices with The Top Rated Freelancers.
  •  Off-Page SEO Practices with Live Examples, and Sell it on Freelance Market Places.
  •  SEO Audit Live Trainings, and Audit Expertise


Skills Level
Avg Monthly Earning
Junior 70k-120k
Mid-Level 120k-170k
Freelancer 50k-300k
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